Intended use would be generally commute and only riding around because I do think I would have fun with this, and my girlfriend has an interest in doing it as part of her setting up shape exercise, lol. Additionally It will be better for people to kill several hours biking about in comparison with sitting watching tv programs, heh.

As far as commuting, it isn't real far, separated by times of riding a train and a ferry but about 10-12 miles of actual riding, more or less.

As far as fitting, I'm about 6', 155 pounds. Could there be somewhere I'm able to read about what size cycle I ought to get for my sizes?

Glimpse on Dicks sporting goods web page(Just launched one up near me thus i was reading the site) I saw the "Diamondback Men's Podium One Road Bicycle 2011" It appears to be to be discounted, from 899 to 549. And a few review searching on the web seems to see folks very pleased with it, anybody have experiences with these model of mountain bikes?

Earlier bicycling knowledge is mostly none, common stuff of biking around as a kid, rode my fathers outdated mountain bike to work a couple of times but with the huge meaty tires it was lots of work to get there, heh.

I know coping with people who are not aware of what they are speaking about, and so have no idea of what exactly they want/need will get tiresome, I really appreciate any kind of guide I could get, even if its just an opinion on a kind of mountain bike.

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