The best thing about this sport is that it does not require any special skill or talent. One should know how to ride a bicycle and should be able to ride it comfortably on any road or area.

Mountain bikes are strong and rigid that can move smoothly on any surface without any problem. The tires of the bicycle are wide and tough. They are also fat, knobby and are just perfect for riding on dirt trails. Bikes are mostly used for off-road riding. You can also use bikes to ride cross country.

Down-hilling, free riding and cross country are the main activities for which bikes are used.

You can also use mountain bikes for trailing, street-urban riding and even for dirt jumping. It is often seen that most of the features are common in every bike. Yet, there are some specifications and few additional attractive features that are there in some bikes. These features may differ as per the use of the bike for which it is designed.

Mountain bikes used for cross country are usually lighter than the bikes used for free riding or down hilling. If you are planning to buy a bike for yourself then you can book it online too. This is one of the best methods of shopping for bikes as it provides you an opportunity to look for various bikes, compare their prices and then select the perfect bike for yourself as per your choice and pocket.

Biking is a great sport which is mostly enjoyed by young generation. Most of the countries are giving importance to this sport today and are making some spaces available so that people can enjoy it. The most important thing while choosing a mountain bike is to look for the comfort.

If the bike fits the rider properly then there will be fewer chances of accidents. Using a helmet is very important while riding your bike. This will ensure safety of the rider. While buying a bike, make sure that you look for the comfort, durability and price of the bike apart from going for its look and design.

Mountain bikes are bicycles which have been specifically designed for off-road activities. This means that they require a more rugged build for dealing with dirt trails and other unpaved surfaces. Jumps, steep inclines, rocky surfaces and washouts are just a few of the rougher situations for which they are designed. Standard bicycles are not created with these situations in mind.

A mountain bicycle may be abbreviated to MTB. Another term which is used is ATB. This stands for all terrain bicycle.

The history of these more specialized bikes is of course intertwined with standard bicycle histories. The first reliable account is dated to the early 19th century. Earlier and less reliable occurrences had been noted previously, but discredited.

One of the first recorded instances of a bicycle being used specifically for off-road purposes was in August of 1896. This was during a Buffalo Soldier expedition. They traveled from Missoula, Montana to Yellowstone and back.

Cyclo-cross is another early example of mountain bikes . It was a means of keeping fit during the winter. Cyclo-cross involves dismounting the bicycle at times and carrying it over rougher areas. mountain bikes, Mountain Bikes - Going Uphill

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